Pitcher - Casablanca, 1.37 L, with handle and spout

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Pitcher - Casablanca, 1.37 l, with handle and spout - 19 cm high glass

The casablanco caught and beak jar is the perfect product for those who want to serve drinks with elegance and sophistication. With 6 glass capacity, it is ideal for sharing with friends and family at special meetings.

This glass has measurements of 5.5 cm in diameter at the base and 15.3 cm at the top. In addition, its height is 19 cm, allowing the drink to be served with great elegance.

Glasserie Casablanca is known for the quality of the glass, ensuring that the product has durability and elegance. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality product, the jar with caught and nipple casablanco is the right choice.


  • Capacity for 6 glasses;
  • Base with 5.5 cm in diameter;
  • Upper glass with 15.3 cm in diameter;
  • 19 cm high.

Frequently Asked questions:

Is the glass sturdy?

Yes. Glass is produced with high quality material, which guarantees its resistance and durability.

Can I put hot drinks inside the jar with casablanco handle and beak?

We recommend using the product for cold drinks only to prevent glass from breaking with possible temperature changes. In addition, it is important to avoid putting the product in very hot or cold places.

Is the product washable on dishwasher?

Yes. The jug with casablanco handle and beak is safe to be used on dishwasher, which makes cleaning much easier and more practical.

Can I use the jar with casablanco caught and beaks for gas drinks?

Yes. The glass is sturdy and can be used to serve gas drinks without any problem.

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