Saro Hand sanitiser dispenser with Sensor - Stand model, stainless steel

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Hand sanitiser dispenser with Sensor - Stand model, stainless steel

Protect your team's health and customers with Saro's stainless steel model disinfectant. Keep your hands clean and free of germs with this reliable and convenient solution that is perfect for the entrances of commercial establishments, shops and offices.

This disinfectant dispenser is made of durable stainless steel, giving it an elegant and professional look. The stand stand is ideal for high -traffic public spaces, where it is important to remind people to disinfect their hands.

Characteristics of Disinfectant Stainless Steel Stand Dispenser

  • Construction in durable stainless steel
  • Antibacterial gel dispenser for hands
  • It works with any bottles with dispenser up to 1 liter of liquid
  • Adjustable height between 120 and 170 cm
  • Infrared detection system that helps save the disinfectant
  • Stable base ensures safety and prevents spills

This antibacterial gel dispenser is compatible with bottles with any brand dispenser, making it a flexible solution for commercial establishments of all types and sizes. With the ability to hold bottles up to 1 liter, you can easily recharge your disinfectant solution.

The infrared detection system ensures that only the right amount of disinfectant is dismissed, avoiding excessive use and waste. In addition, the adjustable height makes this dispenser suitable for use in a variety of different environments, including schools, offices and retail stores.

The base of the stand disinfectant is robust and stable. This ensures that the support is firm in place, avoiding accidental spills and possible damage to equipment.

FAQS of Disinfectant Stainless Steel Stand Dispenser

Is this dispenser suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, the disinfectant stainless steel model dispenser is suitable for use in internal and external environments.

Does the infrared dispenser work well under different lighting conditions?

Yes, the infrared system works well under different lighting conditions, which means that the disinfectant dispenser is reliable and accurate in any conditions.

What types of bottles are compatible with this dispenser?

The disinfectant Stainless Steel Model Dispenser is compatible with any type of bottle with dispenser up to 1 liter of liquid.

Is it easy to recharge the dispenser?

Yes, the antibacterial gel dispenser is easy to recharge. Just replace the empty bottle with a new one and you will be ready to continue to eliminate germs.

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