Wine glasses - Timeless, Set of 6, 160ml

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Wine glasses Set - Timeless Series,160ml

The set of 6 Timeless Wine Cups is perfect for enjoying a good glass of wine with friends and family. With a classic and elegant design, these cups were made to highlight the best characteristics of the chosen wine.

  • Set of 6 wine cups
  • Size: 160ml
  • Classic and elegant design
  • Can be used for white or red wine
  • Made of high quality glass

High quality glass allows the colors and aromas of wine to be displayed clearly and clearly. In addition, the elegant design of the cups makes them an excellent option to use on any occasion, from formal dinners to casual encounters with friends.


What is the size of the cups?

Each Cup of the Timeless series has a size of 160ml.

Can I use these cups to serve white and red wine?

Yes. The design of Timeless Cups is made to highlight the best features of any type of wine, be it white or red.

What is the material of the cups?

Timeless cups are made of high quality glass, ensuring the clear and clear display of wine colors and aromas.

Can I put these cups on the dishwasher?

Yes. Timeless cups are safe to be washed on the dishwasher.

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